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Sleep disorders are common with 25 million adults in the US having undiagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnea and nearly as many suffering with insomnia.  We have a shortage of sleep medicine specialists.  Sleep medicine curriculum, even the basics, is generally not covered in nurse practitioner or physician assistant programs. 


Geared towards the Advance Practice Nurse, Sleep Medicine for the Nurse Practitioner covers everything from taking a sleep history, through screening and diagnostic testing for OSA, the concept of CBTI for insomnia, to complex sleep disordered breathing, circadian sleep wake disorders, narcolepsy, movement disorders, and parasomnias. Whether you are new to Sleep, would like to transition to Sleep, or are already practicing in Sleep and want to brush up on your skills, this comprehensive course provides all the fundamentals of Sleep Medicine.

The 18 week curriculum is presented as a set of fully automated self-directed online learning modules, that can be completed at your own pace.